Prohibited Signs

Prohibited Signs

No signs are allowed in the public right-of-way. All signage must be setback 10’ from property line.

3. Prohibited Signs. The following signs are prohibited in all zoning districts.

A. Signs painted on or attached to rocks, trees, or other natural objects which are not designed as integral parts of the sign.

B. Signs or sign structures which resemble or conflict with traffic control signs or devices, which mislead or confuse persons traveling on public streets, or which create a traffic hazard.



C. Signs on public property or public right-of-way, unless specifically authorized by the appropriate public agency.

D. Signs which create a safety hazard by obstructing the clear view of pedestrians or vehicles, or which obscure official signs or signals.

E. Abandoned signs, which must be removed within six months of date of abandonment.

F. Portable signs, including signs painted, mounted, or printed on parked vehicles and trailers.

G. Signs that are not clean or in substantial good repair, or are not affixed to a sound structure.

H. Signs advertising activities that are illegal under federal, State, or local laws and regulations.

I. Rolling LCD signs which incorporate in any manner any rolling, flashing, pulsating, rotating, beacons, or moving lights.

J. Neon lights or signs, not intended to add to the overall architectural theme of the site.

K. Hazardous signs, any sign or sign structure which is structurally unsafe, is not kept in good repair, or is capable of causing electrical shock to persons likely to come in contact.

L. Signs which include visible moving parts, changeable copy or description by electrical or non-electrical means, or by action of wind currents; except as permitted in this section.

M. Pole signs.

N. Any sign unlawfully installed, erected, or maintained in violation of this section.

O. Any sign displaying any obscene matter, as that term is defined by the Iowa Code, or which signage displays or depicts any body part that is otherwise prohibited from exposure in any public place pursuant to Windsor Heights Code §40.01.07 (Public Exposure).