Zac Bales-Henry


Bales-Henry was elected to Windsor Heights City Council in 2015. He is currently serving in his first term of elected office. Prior to being elected he was an active member in the community as well as the real estate industry.


Bales-Henry brings a passion for real estate development, walkability and infrastructure to the council. He is committed to the continued development of the city as well as creating a sustainable and prosperous future for Windsor Heights


Involvement is key. Bales-Henry currently sits on the board of Iowa Safe schools. He is also involved in the ZBH charitable fund and a co-founder of the Bowtie Ball.

Interest in Government

From a young age Bales-Henry has been interested in government. He grew-up in a politically active family and was encouraged to be involved and give back to his community. After moving to Windsor Heights, he was encouraged to run for city council and represent the changing demographics of the city. His platforms were based on city development, walkability and infrastructure.  


Attended Drake University and NIACC.


Bales-Henry has been a licensed Real Estate Professional for over 10 years. He is currently a Broker at Coldwell Banker. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Trinity Investment Firm.


Bales-Henry is involved in the Bike Hub, walkability initiative and development committee.

Personal Life

In his free time, Bales-Henry is an avid runner, traveler and outdoorsmen. You’ll often find him out and about with is dog, Athena.