Public Notices

Guidelines for Public Hearings & Notices

  • Be posted at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of the meeting
  • Be in writing and clearly state the date, hour, place, and subject of each meeting
  • Be posted in 5 locations:
    • On a bulletin board convenient to the public in City Hall, located at 1145 66th St Suite 1
    • Web Bulletin Board on the City of Windsor Heights website
    • Hy-Vee 7101 University Avenue Windsor Heights
    • Banker’s Trust 70th and University Avenue Windsor Heights
    • Windsor Heights Public Safety Building 1133 66th St Windsor Heights
  • Meeting agendas are available at City Hall at no cost to the public

Current Notices

Archived Notices

For archived notices, contact City Hall 515-279-3662 or by email.