Yard Waste

Metro Waste Authority manages Compost It!, the curbside yard waste collection program, in partnership with your community, and contracts with Waste Management to collect the yard waste.

Winter Collection

After the regular yard waste season has ended, Winter Collection is your next opportunity to dispose of any remaining yard waste as well as live Christmas trees. Collection days in Windsor Heights are Saturday, January 4th and Friday, January 10th. Learn more about Winter Compost It! Collection. Current 2019 bag and cart stickers are still good for these dates. Christmas trees do need a sticker.


Call 515.244.7336 for Waste Management

  • Friday is Your Collection Day
  • Set out time & tips: Read Cart Placement guidelines for details.

General Questions

Call 515.244.0021 for Metro Waste Authority

Compost It! Program

Bags & Sticker Service

Learn more about how to use the program.

Cart Service

 Learn how to use a cart to recycle yard waste and see if Cart Service makes sense for you.

Sign Up – First-time Enrollment

Annual Renewal

Once you've signed up through the city, you can annually renew service by paying online. If this is your first-time, please contact your City Hall. The online form doesn't start service.

Renew Cart Service

Broken or Stolen Cart

515.279.3662, Windsor Heights City Hall


515.279.3662, Windsor Heights City Hall

Yard Waste Drop-Off

Residents can also take yard waste to Metro Park East Landfill, where it is recycled into Turf Gold Compost.