Yard Waste & Compost

2020 Compost It! Program Reminders

  • Click here to order a NEW yard waste cart/sticker online! Click on the Yard Waste tab. You will need to create an account to view the Yard Waste button. Without an account, you will only be able to see an option for Facility Rentals and Pet Licenses.
  • Renew your cart online here.
  • The 2020 Compost It! season runs weekly on Fridays from April 10th through November 28th.
  • Winter Collection dates are January 2nd and 8th.
  • There are no changes to bag and sticker costs: Bags are $8 for a bundle of 5; Compost It! stickers are $1.25/each; Annual cart stickers are $105 (or $106 if renewing online). Order your yard waste bags and stickers here.
  • Yard waste cart stickers and brochures were delivered March 1 to City Hall.

About Compost It!

A Compost It! cart is on wheels, just like your Curb It! recycling cart, making it a convenient alternative to yard waste bags. Simply wheel it to the curb on garbage day during Compost It! season. The 96-gallon cart can hold the equivalent of three yard waste bags, but you can always use the Bags & Sticker program if your yard waste exceeds the cart’s capacity. For more information, visit the Metro Wast Authority Cart Service page.

Yard Waste Bags & Stickers

Yard waste bags and bundles are collected from the curb weekly during Compost It! season, typically on garbage collection day. 

Order yard waste bags and stickers here.

Click here to view a list of retailers who sell yard waste bags and stickers.

Returning Carts

If you are moving, you may leave your cart for the next resident. If you no longer want your cart, you have the option to use it for storage, gift it to a neighbor, or sell it as you own the cart. Metro Waste Authority will not take the cart back unless it is new. If you have additional questions, please call Metro Waste Authority at 515-244-7336.