The City of Windsor Heights would like to remind our residents, our business partners, and our visitors to exercise preventative measures to stay healthy! Washing your hands often, practicing social distancing as recommended, and staying home when possible have all been identified as ways to help #flattenthecurve. If you have questions about the COVID-19 virus you can visit the Polk County Health Department website at If you need medical advice, contact your primary care provider or call 2-1-1. You can also visit the Polk County Health Department on YouTube for some great videos related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we enter the second weekend of the pandemic restrictions, we encourage to you to continue to support our local businesses by ordering take out or delivery or buying products online. Additionally, getting outside for a walk can help alleviate some stress. While the City of Windsor Heights playground equipment in Colby Park and the Dog Park remain closed, you can still get out and walk around your neighborhood or walk on the trails. Be sure to waive at your neighbors and check on them from a distance. 

Lauren Campbell, a Windsor Heights resident, also started #heartsintheheights to get hearts placed in windows, on doors, made in chalk on your driveway, or any means you can think of to show support for your neighbors and our community. You can learn more about this wonderful gesture at

Be safe, stay healthy and try to enjoy the weekend! Thank you for continuing to follow the City of Windsor Heights. #WindsorProud


As part of the continued effort to update the Windsor Heights Community on COVID-19 resources and information, we wanted to let you all know there will be a Town Hall style meeting tonight (Thursday, March 26, 2020) from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The meeting will be carried live on KCCI Channel 8 and will be a question and answer style session with the Polk County Health Department.

Also, we would like to remind everyone the playground equipment at Colby Park and the Windsor Heights Dog Park remained closed to the public for now. City facilities also remain restricted to public access while we work to keep our team safe and healthy. We thank the Windsor Heights community for their cooperation with these temporary closures.


The City of Windsor Heights continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic with the community. For those wishing to see up-to-date numbers with regards to confirmed cases of COVID-19, you can visit the John Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource webpage located at The page has a map showing confirmed cases and the map is updated regularly throughout the day. 

The City of Windsor Heights has closed the playground equipment at Colby Park and the Windsor Heights Dog Park to help slow potential spread of COVID-19. Colby Park, outside of the playground equipment, will remain open and the trail system remains open through Windsor Heights. 

There are a lot of rumors spreading and you can always find the latest information related to the COVID-19 virus on the Polk County Health Department website and YouTube channel. City facilities remain restricted to public access as well. 

Finally, the April 6, 2020 Windsor Heights Council Meeting will be held via Zoom meeting. We will send out more information on the Zoom meeting process in later posts. We ask our community to continue to follow social distancing recommendations and wash your hands often.


Playground and dog park closed

The Colby Park playground and the Windsor Heights Dog Park are closed in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. Colby Park and the trail will remain open. COVID-19 can live on hard surfaces for an undetermined amount of time and City staff feel that it is in the best interest of public safety to close the playground and dog park until further notice. If you are using Colby Park or the trail, please use caution and practice social distancing.

Scam Warning

The City of Windsor Heights is committed to partnering with our community to keep our residents, businesses and visitors safe. To that end, a number of scams are going around related to the COVID-19 response. This is a good time for a reminder, DO NOT SHARE FINANCIAL OR PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE! No one with Polk County Health, Iowa Department of Public Health, or any other legitimate organization will ever call and ask for credit card numbers, personal information (such as date of birth, social security number, etc.), or other sensitive information. 

There are several scams related to “free COVID-19 tests” with a shipping fee – these DO NOT EXIST! Other scams include items related to disinfecting your home and extending mortgage/loan payments. If in doubt, hang up and call your financial organization directly. You can also call the Windsor Heights Police Department at (515) 277-4453 or email with questions related to whether something is legitimate or not.

Additionally, we would like to give our business partners some valuable information. Safeguard Iowa has added some FAQ’s for our private sector partners, which can be found at Several questions related to the COVID-19 pandemic have been answered on the site and the site continues to be updated with new questions.

Finally, if you or someone you know needs daycare options, you can visit the Department of Human Services website, located at This is another great resource for those in need.

We encourage everyone to continue to social distance and stay healthy! We thank you all for your continued support and patience during this pandemic. 


The City of Windsor Heights understands the concern about the current COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to update our community, our team is continuing to monitor the situation and gather information. As of 8:00 am this morning, Polk County Health was reporting 10 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 90 cases across the State of Iowa. The 2-1-1 system has been a great resource and they fielded over 8,500 calls between March 8th  and March 21st. If you have questions or think you may have symptoms of COVID-19, we encourage you to call 2-1-1 or your primary health provider. 

The Polk County Health Department website is also a great resource, and daily situation updates can be found at For our business partners, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has issued a disaster declaration for the State of Iowa as of January 31, 2020. Applications can be made via the SBA website at

Please take care of yourselves and your family! Thank you to all of those working behind the scenes to help everyone through the pandemic!


The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has issued a disaster declaration for the state of Iowa. The declaration allows pandemic-impacted small businesses to apply for low-interest support loans. 

Applications can be made via the SBA’s website:

Applicants can monitor the status of their applications online after submission.

For questions, please contact the SBA disaster assistance customer service center at 1-800-659-2955 (TTY: 1-800-877-8339) or email


Windsor Heights City staff continues to be embedded with other metro communities in addressing needs and planning for the continued COVID-19 response. Our team is attending daily briefings to ensure we are up to date on the latest information and to ensure we are able to pass along important, daily updates to you – our community. 

As of today (Friday, March 20, 2020) at 8:00 am, Polk County has a total of six confirmed cases of COVID-19. Each day, we learn more about the virus and the response to the virus. Yesterday, we learned those with symptoms should take Tylenol versus Ibuprofen as Ibuprofen suppresses the immune system. We also learned today the Polk County Health Department is putting out updated video information on their YouTube channel, click here to watch their videos, which are a great source for up-to-date information.

Finally, we have fielded some questions about tenants being worried they will be kicked out of their homes due to late rent. Governor Reynolds signed additional State Public Health Emergency Declaration today which includes provisions that temporarily suspends some evictions under the Iowa Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act or the Manufactured Home Communities or Mobile Home Parks Residential Landlord and Tenant Act in certain circumstances. For those who have additional legal questions or need additional legal advice, Iowa Legal Aid is a great resource and you can reach Iowa Legal Aid at (515) 243-1193. 

Windsor Heights will remain engaged with our metro partners to keep our residents, businesses and visitors up to date on this ever changing situation. Be sure to follow our social media channels for additional information. We also thank our community and businesses for remaining calm as we all continue to work through the pandemic.

3/19/20 Update

The City of Windsor Heights and our amazing team of dedicated professionals continue to work day and night to keep the community safe and operating. Although many things have changed, various options to help you get through your day still exist - albeit maybe in a different form. 

Hy-Vee is opening from 7am to 8am each morning for elderly and immune compromised people to shop before opening to the general public. Restaurants with drive-throughs are still operating, and takeout or delivery options still exist and we encourage you to continue to support our business community. 

If you, or someone you know, is in need of resources (food, assistance, financial assistance, etc.) please call 2-1-1. 2-1-1 handled 1,245 calls yesterday (Wednesday, March 18, 2020) and they are a great resource for the community. If you would like to learn more about the COVID-19 virus, visit the Polk County Health Department website. To see up-to-date information on confirmed cases in Iowa, visit

As of Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 5:00 pm, Polk County has six confirmed cases and Dallas County has five confirmed cases of COVID-19. 

A reminder, City facilities remain closed to the public, but you can visit our website, message us on social media, or call us for any needs. City Hall can be reached at (515) 279-3662 and Public Safety Administration can be reached at (515) 277-4453

Please continue to exercise caution and social distancing around others, wash your hands regularly and check on your loved ones and neighbors by phone, email, or social media. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

3/18/20 Update

The City of Windsor Heights remains committed to ensuring ongoing collaboration with others in the Des Moines metro as part of the response to the Covid-19 pandemic. As of 8:00 am this morning, there was still one confirmed case of Covid-19 in Polk County and two confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Dallas County. Information related to the pandemic and the virus can be found at the Polk County Health Department website, and those with questions can call 2-1-1, Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm. For those calling 2-1-1, there may be an one to two hour wait, please leave your number and someone will get back with you – you will not lose your place in line as a result of leaving your number and hanging up. 

Windsor Heights residents, along with those living in Polk and Dallas County, have access to medical officials embedded within the 2-1-1 network as well. On Tuesday, March 17, 2020, over 1,000 calls, statewide, were made to 2-1-1, and only one caller was sent to the Emergency Department related to the Covid-19 virus. The Polk County Health Department will be issuing a daily news briefing via video beginning tomorrow (March 19, 2020) at 4:00 pm. This release will be posted on the Polk County Health Department website and social media channels.

Windsor Heights City staff continues to be engaged with the Polk County Emergency Operations Center to ensure the constant flow of the most up to date information necessary to keep our community and our City employees safe. As you likely know, Iowa State Governor Kim Reynolds ordered the closure of, among other facilities, restaurants and bars on Tuesday, March 17, 2020. While these facilities are prohibited from offering dine-in options for the next 30-days, many do offer take out or delivery options. The City of Windsor Heights encourages our residents to continue to support local businesses during this time through online, delivery and carryout orders. We also thank our community, business partners, and visitors for their continued patience and diligence in working through this situation. 

Finally, a reminder all City facilities remain closed to public access but we are happy to talk to you via phone, social media channels, or email. For City Hall needs, please call (515) 279-3662. For Public Safety Administration needs, please call (515) 277-4453. Our website is also a robust source of information for community needs. If you need permits, animal licenses, etc. please call us and we are happy to help find a solution to your needs. #WindsorProud


Even though City buildings have restricted access, there are plenty of City services you can use through our website 

Renew and pay for your yard waste cart here.

If you are getting your first yard waste cart, download the form and mail it along with a check for $185 to City Hall at 1145 66th St, Suite 1, Windsor Heights, IA 50324. You can also email the form to and call 515-279-3662 to pay with a credit card. Bags can be purchased at Hy-Vee.

Need to get a pet license? Get the the form here and email it to or mail it with a check to the Windsor Heights Public Safety Building at 1133 66th St, Windsor Heights, IA 50324. If you send them by email, please call 515-277-4453 with a credit card number to pay.

3/17/20 Update

The City of Windsor Heights continues to monitor the quickly evolving situation related to the COVID-19 virus. This morning, members of our management team attended an Operational Briefing at the Polk County Emergency Operations Center to hear the latest updates on the actions being taken in Polk County. Information shared, as of 8:00 am this morning, included 22 confirmed cases of COVID-19 across 7 Counties in Iowa. 

If you have questions or concerns about the virus, please visit the Polk County Health Department website, or call 2-1-1. Windsor Heights City facilities maintain restricted public access in an effort to keep our team healthy and safe. We are happy to speak with you by phone, for City Hall please call (515) 279-3662 and for Public Safety please call (515) 277-4453

Additionally, please see the announcement from Governor Reynolds related to issuing a State of Public Health Disaster Emergency. 

Thank you for your continued patience and support as we all work through this pandemic together. We truly appreciate the dedication of our City employees and our community in making the best of the current situation. Continue to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates and additional information.

3/16/20 Update

Restricted access to city facilities 3.16.20

The City of Windsor Heights joins the Des Moines metro community in sharing concern for the spread of the COVID-19 (coronavirus).  In an effort to help reduce the chance of community spread of the virus in Windsor Heights, effective Monday, March 16, 2020 the City of Windsor Heights will restrict public access to City Hall and the Public Safety Building.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause; however, with the minimal staffing levels the City maintains we must ensure we are taking every reasonable precaution to protect our teamfrom exposure to this virus.  

We ask anyone needing to conduct business at City Hall call us first at (515) 279-3662 to discuss the process for such business.  For Public Safety administrative needs, call (515) 286-3632.  We thank the community for their understanding and patience as we work through the unchartered waters of dealing with this pandemic along with the community.

Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates and additional information.  Click here to receive updates by email. Residents who receive the City’s monthly newsletter are already on this list. Again, we thank you for your understanding and support.

Public Health Resources

We encourage residents and businesses to utilize trusted sources of public health information, such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH).

CDC website

IDPH website

3/13/20 Update

To be prepared for COVID-19, the City of Windsor Heights is working with local, state, and federal partners. City administration is working with each City department to develop plans to ensure the continuation of essential services. 

We will post any updates to this page on the City’s website as well as the City’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Click here to receive updates by email. Residents who receive the City’s monthly newsletter are already on this list.

We have increased basic precautions by City employees such as increased hand washing and staying home if sick. More information is being added to the City’s website each day so residents can skip the trip down to City Hall.