Request For Proposal

Request For Proposal (RFP) Police Compensation Study

The City of Windsor Heights, Iowa invites your organization to participate in a Request for Proposal related to a compensation study for non-union public safety staff.  These positions are primarily made up of management positions for a police and fire department in central Iowa. Important to note, the City of Windsor Heights is a small, very unique community situated in the heart of the Des Moines, Iowa metropolitan area.  As such, any proposal awarded will be expected to identify and thoroughly articulate comparable compensation metrics from not only agencies of similar size, but more importantly from agencies of similar complexity.  Of course, being in the heart of the metropolitan area brings challenges surrounding comparing compensation packages and we want to ensure appropriate metrics and considerations are utilized for this project.

We encourage your team to review the attached Request for Proposal, Public Safety Workload analysis completed in 2018, and job descriptions.  We welcome your engagement in this process and we have set a deadline of October 30, 2020 for any proposal submissions. Proposals may be sent to Chief Chad McCluskey at 

Request for Proposals - Public Safety Compensation Study

Addendum #1 - October, 20, 2020 - Request for Proposals - Public Safety Compensation Study

2018 Public Safety Workload Analysis

Public Safety Director Job Description

Police Captain Job Description

Fire/EMS Captain Job Description

Police Lieutenant Job Description

Police Administrative Support Clerk Job Description

We appreciate your consideration of this project and we look forward to receiving your proposal!