Become a Police Officer

Selection Process

All applicants are required to successfully complete each phase of the selection process.  The entire process takes approximately two months.

Each candidate will be advised of their status and application test dates as they move through the various steps.

Steps for Selection

  • Review Job Description and ensure you meet requirements
  • Completion of Application
    • Application must be submitted by deadline in job notice.  Resumes are also welcome.
    • Completed Applications and Resumes may be emailed to, or sent via US Postal Mail to 1133 66th St, Windsor Heights, Iowa, 50324.
  • Written Test
  • Completion of Personal History Statement
  • Oral Board
  • Background Investigation
  • Interview with Chief
  • Polygraph Examination
    • Employment History
    • Credit History
    • Employment Theft
    • Criminal Conviction's
    • Serious Crimes
    • Sex Crimes
    • Illegal Drug and Alcohol Use
  • Psychological Examination
  • Drug Analysis
  • Medical Examination
  • Hiring Decision

Minimum Qualifications

  • Community and Service Minded
  • Exceptional Moral character
  • Must have the ability to read, write, and speak the English language
  • Never been convicted of an indictable offense or crime of moral turpitude; deferred judgments must have a minimum of ten years elapsed from case resolution, simple misdemeanor convictions other than traffic offenses must have a minimum of five years from case resolution
  • Not addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • Have 20/100 eyesight which is correctable to 20/20 and color and field of vision are normal
  • Normal hearing in each ear
  • Must not object to the use of force in the line of duty
  • Must possess a high school diploma or GED; a minimum of 30 undergraduate credit hours from an accredited post-secondary education institution is preferred
  • Must hold a valid State of Iowa drivers license or commercial license upon hire
  • Establish residency in the State of Iowa upon hire, must live within 30 miles of the public safety building within one year.


  • Competitive pay
  • 10-hour work schedule with every other weekend off
  • Paid Time Off
  • Paid Training
  • Education pay
  • Shift Differential pay
  • Annual Uniform Allowance
  • IPERS retirement plan
  • Career advancement
  • Dental, life and health insurance


Police Officer salary range: $57,665.98 - $75,172.32 (FY20-21)