Commercial Inspections

  1. Fire Department

    Physical Address
    1133 66th St.
    Windsor Heights, IA 50324

    Phone: Duty Crew: 515-279-9450 Administration: 515-645-6811
    Fax: 515-279-7760
    Emergency Phone: 9-1-1


Members of the Windsor Heights Fire Department conduct fire prevention inspections of local businesses. These inspections help the department and businesses identify both positive areas and those of concern. The ultimate goal of these inspections is to provide for the health and safety of the business' employees and patrons. Business inspections are completed annually. These annual inspections provide the fire department the chance to observe businesses in a positive state versus in an emergency situation.  

Plan Review

Effective July 1st, 2019, the Windsor Heights Fire Department will be utilizing third-party plan review services to supplement our internal plan review process. Check with Lund Fire Protection for required documents and paperwork and requirements for delivery of plans. 

Lund Fire Protection
PO Box 459
Norwalk, IA 50211
(515) 981-0912 

Fees associated with the plan review services provided by Lund Fire Protection shall be addressed directly with Lund Fire Protection.

Upon completion of third party review by Lund Fire Protection, one (1) set of updated/completed plans shall be sent to the Windsor Heights Fire Department. These documents will be used by the City and Fire Department for inspections and record retention. The following documents shall be sent in an electronic form.

•    One (1) set of full plans in a .pdf form

•    One (1) full set of product data and/or cut sheets

•    One (1) full set of required calculations

•    Contact information

•    Any other applicable documents

These documents can be emailed or hand-delivered on a thumb drive.

Reference: International Fire Code

104.7.2 Technical assistance. To determine the acceptability of technologies, processes, products, facilities, materials and uses attending the design, operation or use of a building or premises subject to inspection by the fire code official, the fire code official is authorized to require the owner or owner’s authorized agent to provide, without charge to the jurisdiction, a technical opinion and report. The opinion and report shall be prepared by a qualified engineer, specialist, and laboratory or fire safety specialty organization acceptable to the fire code official and shall analyze the fire safety properties of the design, operation or use of the building or premises and the facilities and appurtenances situated thereon, to recommend necessary changes. The fire code official is authorized to require design submittals to be prepared by, and bear the stamp of, a registered design professional.

If you have further questions, please contact the Fire Department at (515) 279-9450.

Special Inspection

In addition to these inspections, the Windsor Heights Fire Department offers special inspections for your business. These special inspections allow you to identify and address items that could be noted on your annual inspection or that would make your business safer.

To set up a fire prevention inspection, please contact the on-duty fire crew at 515-279-9450.