Rental Inspections

Program Overview

Any rental property within the City of Windsor Heights must comply with regulations outlined in City Code Chapter 156. The rental program is coordinated by the Windsor Heights Fire Department.

The purpose of the code is to establish minimum requirements to safeguard the public. The housing code enforcement of minimum property standards is a major part of conserving our City’s older housing stock. The Code has been designed to provide investors, owners, and tenants general information on the housing code, the minimum safety requirements, and the inspection fees for performing inspections on rental property.

The housing code enforcement process begins with your commitment to provide adequate, safe and sanitary living conditions. It takes the joint effort of investors/owners and the City to ensure, as a property owner or tenant, you are familiar with health and safety conditions that not only affect an individual’s living environment, but the quality of life in our city.

View the Rental Housing Inspection Checklist (PDF) for more information.

Program Scope

What does the program cover?

Chapter 156 of the Code of Ordinances applies to all properties or portions thereof which are occupied on a rental basis or if in return for housing, a tenant agrees to occupy and maintain the premises and pay utilities.

Inspection Process

What is the process for obtaining a Rental Certificate of Occupancy?

All owners of rental property must comply with the Code standards. All property owners shall submit a Rental Property Registration Form requesting a Rental Certificate of Occupancy, along with the applicable registration fees outlined in the City of Windsor Heights Fee Schedule. Upon receipt of the registration form and payment, the City will facilitate an inspection of the premises and issue Rental Certificates of Occupancy. Inspections are contracted through a third-party inspection company by the City, and the contractor acts on behalf of the City.

Inspection Occurrence

How often are inspections required in order to obtain Certification?

Regular inspections of one- and two-family rental dwelling units shall be required every 18 months. Regular inspections of multi-family rental dwelling units shall be required every 12 months. The City will contact the property owner to notify them of the necessary steps to renew their rental certificate. If the property owner is not reachable or fails to respond to notices or other attempts to contact them after reasonable attempts have been made, the City will contact the tenant to outline the steps necessary for rental certificate renewal. Should it become necessary to contact a tenant to facilitate renewal required under this section, the City shall be entitled to collect additional fees from the property owner to compensate the City for the additional cost associated with this alternative inspection method.

Fee Schedule

City code requires that ALL rental properties have a valid Certificate of Inspection before occupancy is allowed. Registration fees are payable to the City of Windsor Heights at the Public Safety building, 1133 66th St prior to any inspection. Please contact the Windsor Heights Fire Department to verify the correct rental fee amount for your rental unit.

Registration Certificate and Inspection Fees

The City of Windsor Heights contracts inspections with Safe Building, LLC. The City notifies Safe Building once registration and initial inspection fees are paid in order to schedule the inspection.

Beginning February 2023, rental registration and initial inspection fees will be collected by the City at the time of registration. Property owners are responsible for any re-inspection fees, which will be paid directly to Safe Building at the time of the re-inspection. Current fees for registration and initial inspections are as follows:

  • Single Family House - $35 registration + $80.00 inspection = $115.00 paid to the City
  • Duplex (2 units) - $50.00 registration + $120.00 inspection = $170.00 paid to the City
  • Each additional unit beyond a duplex are an additional -
    $15.00 registration + $20.00 inspection = $35.00/unit paid to the City
  • Apartment Complexes - $150 registration + inspection fee for total units = total paid to the City
  • Rental re-inspection (add $10.00 per additional re-inspection) = $30.00 paid to Safe Building

Rental Housing Conversion Fee

The fee is $250 per building.

Rental Housing Certification Rates

If an owner cannot be identified or reached for the rental certificate renewal, and additional fee of $25 will apply.

Once the registration and inspection fees have been paid to the City, the City will facilitate the inspection of the property.

Download the Rental Registration Form by clicking here.