City-Wide Storm Water Analysis

The City of Windsor Heights has contracted with Bolton & Menk, Inc. to complete a Storm Water Management Plan of its existing storm sewer infrastructure. The plan includes an investigation of the existing storm sewer infrastructure, storm water conveyance alternatives and preliminary layout for improvements to the storm sewer system within the corporate limits of the City of Windsor Heights. The recommended solutions are intended to improve the City’s drainage characteristics in anticipation of continued street improvement projects.

The improvements that were investigated in this study include new storm sewer lines, manholes, and intakes. The existing storm sewer system within the study area consists of areas with undersized storm sewer mains and inadequate intake spacing. The combination of undersized storm sewer mains and minimal intakes causes a significant amount of localized flooding throughout the study area. Bolton and Menk presented the storm water analysis at the October 1, 2018, City Council meeting.  

Presentation from the City Council Meeting on October 1, 2018:

Storm Water Analysis