TextWH & City Alerts

TextWH 855-637-9442

Have a question for the City? Or need to report a pothole or other issues in Windsor Heights? Send us a text! Windsor Heights is excited to partner with CitiBot to offer our residents a new interactive texting service.

This is for non-emergency issues. Please always call 911 in the event of an emergency.

How does it work?

Just text your question or concern to (855) 637-9442. If you're asking a question, you'll get a response with a link to our website with more information. If that doesn't answer your question, you'll then be able to send a message to City staff who will contact you during normal business hours (Monday - Thursday 8 am to 4:30 pm Friday).

You can also report a concern by texting (855) 637-9442. This is a quick and convenient way to let the City know about issues in our community.

This is for non-emergency issues. Please always call 911 in the event of an emergency.

Do I need to sign up?
You don't need to sign up or register. Just make sure to save (855) 637-9442 in your contacts so you can text the City when you need to next time.

How is this different from text and email alerts?
TextWH is different from our email and text alerts. This is an opportunity for residents to contact the City with a question or concern by texting (855) 637-9442.

Our email and text alerts are sent directly to residents, but you must sign up to receive these alerts. They are only sent during snow parking bans or other breaking news events.

email  text alerts

The City of Windsor Heights sends breaking news via text and email alerts. These alerts will help you stay in the know when there is an emergency or important event in the City.

The alerts are separate from the monthly newsletter and are only sent when there is a:

  • Road closure
  • Snow parking ban
  • Water main break
  • Other breaking news events 

Sign Up

If you'd like to sign up, please click here and follow the instructions. Email questions to wtucker@windsorheights.org..

Polk County Emergency Management Code Red

Polk County Emergency Management has an emergency notification system called CodeRED.  It is capable of making 1200 phone calls a minute. Calls can be made in a radius around a given location, by streets, custom-drawn areas, or by contact groups.

Some examples of the types of incidents or events where the CodeRED system may be effective in notifying our citizens include the following: 

  • Environmental (Natural Disasters): Fires, Floods, Dangerous Water conditions, Water Safety Alerts, Dam/Levee Breaks
  • Search and Rescue: Missing Children, Missing Elderly, Missing Disabled, Evacuation Notices, Evacuation Routes
  • Crime: Prisoner Escape Warning, Neighborhood Crime Watch, Sexual Predator Alerts
  • Man-Made Disasters: Terrorism Threats, Bomb Threats, Nuclear Hazards, Bio Terrorism Threats, Chemical Spills, Hazardous Material Emergencies, Gas Leaks, Hostage Situations
  • Public Works: Drinking Water Contamination, Utility Outages, Street Closings, Public Notifications

Learn more and sign up here.