Frequently Asked Questions

As we move into a new constructions season, here are the answers to some common questions about road construction in Windsor Heights.

What will be done on my street this year? 

  • Allison Avenue: Everything except seeding and final site restoration
  • 69th Street: the road between School St and Mott Ave
  • College Drive: Everything east of the 7800 block
  • University Avenue: the whole north side of the road between the 6900 block and 73rd and the south side of the road from 69th St to the 7100 block.

When will work start again in the spring? 

As soon as the weather breaks and the Contractor is able to work. This is usually in Mid-April or May.

How long will it take to finish the projects in the spring and summer of 2021? 

  • Allison Avenue: N/A – will be finished this year
  • 69th Street: about 12 weeks
  • College Drive: about 6 weeks
  • University Avenue: late fall of 2021

Why weren’t these projects finished this year? 

  • 69thStreet
    • Unlocated gas infrastructure on phase 1 delayed the project by over one month
    • Issues getting pre-cast concrete storm sewer structures because of COVID 
    • Continuous labor shortages throughout the project due to COVID
  • College Drive 
    • Shallow gas services on either side of the box culvert over North Walnut Creek
    • Issues with MidAmerican not entering houses due to COVID
    • Continuous labor shortages throughout the project due to COVID
    • Poor soil conditions on the east side of the bridge that required extension modification
    • Poor weather impacts were compounded by the soil conditions
  • University Ave
    • This project was scheduled to be finished in the fall of 2021 from the onset
    • Issues with unlocated fiber optic infrastructure on the north side of the road that slowed progress
    • The paving crew had to shut down because of COVID during the first phase of the project

When will you put down grass seed? 

The state’s spring seeding window is March 1st to May 31st. We will put down seed sometime between those dates.

Do I need to water my grass seed in the spring? 

No, you do not need to water your grass seed. The Contractor is responsible for getting the seed established. However, we do encourage residents to water the seed if they want to.

Who do I contact if there are issues with the project?  

  • Contact City Administrator Dennis Durham at 515-645-6808 or by email at ddurham@windsorheights.org.
  • If you have issues with your water service, please contact Carla Schumacher with Des Moines Water Works at 515-323-6227.