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Oct 19

Getting Involved in the Community: How Your Business Can Lead

Posted on October 19, 2022 at 4:46 PM by Adam Strait

A great way to reach customers within the community is by getting involved. Luckily, the City provides ample opportunities for you to not only build relationships within the community but to also set yourself as a community leader.

Participate in Special Events - The City's Special Events Committee plans and organizes community events throughout the year and are always ready to talk about how local business can get involved. Reach out to committee members and councilmembers Susan Skeries ( ) and Lauren Campbell ( today. They are hard at work planning events and there are still the Veterans Day Luncheon on November 11 and Windsor Wonderland on December 2 and 3 being planned for 2022. 

Attend City Council Meetings - Windsor Heights City Council is made up of 5 councilmembers and a mayor who are elected. The Council is the legislative branch of the city and creates ordinances and policies. By attending meetings and voicing your support or opposition to polices being created, you are setting yourself as a leader within the community. Leading citizens to look to you as well as look for ways to support you. 

Connect with Councilmembers - It's simple to reach out to. You can either send a message to all of council through a convenient form on Windsor Heights website or you can email them individually. 

Like and Follow the City's Social Media Pages - An easy way to stay involved and knowledgeable on what is happening in the community is to simple follow social media. The City will post about upcoming events, council actions, and important news for the community.