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Connect with Council

  1. Contact City Council

    To deliver a message to the Mayor and Councilmembers, please submit this form. To contact an individual councilmember please visit... More…

  1. Request for Public Records


  1. Boards and Commissions

    Please complete the following form to apply to volunteer to be a part of the Planning and Zoning Commission or the Board of Adjustment.

  2. Windsor Wonderland Fun Run
  1. Volunteer Application

    To sign to volunteer at events hosted by the City.

Police Department

  1. Business Contact Information

    Business after-hour contact form. Information will be utilized by emergency services for after-hour contact.

  2. Radar Request

    Radar request form for locations where you see vehicles speeding excessively.

  3. Vacation Watch Request Form

    If you're headed out of town for several days, request officers to make your house part of their daily patrol.

  1. Parking Ticket Payment

    Online parking ticket payment form. Sign In is required to complete. You will need your ticket # to complete this form.

  2. Traffic Signals

    Traffic signals that are not working can be reported using this form.