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Dec 02

Want to Start a Home Business? Here Are a Few Things to Consider

Posted on December 2, 2022 at 3:26 PM by Adam Strait

Before you start operations for a home-based business, here are a few important things to keep in mind. 

  1. Home-businesses and occupations need to be approved by the City 
  2. There shall be no change in the exterior appearance of the building or premises housing the home occupation other than signage
  3. No noise, odors, bright lights, electronic interference, storage, or other external effects attributable to the home occupation shall be noticeable from any adjacent property or public right-of-way
  4. The home occupation shall employ no more than one full time or part time employee on site other than the residents
  5.  A maximum of 30% of the floor area of the dwelling may be devoted or used for a home based business/home occupation

Also important is to know is what home businesses are prohibited.

  1. Beauty and Barber Shops depending on your property’s zoning district
  2. Welding, vehicle body repair, and rebuilding or dismantling of vehicles

For the full list of ordinances for a home business, you can view Chapter 171.08 of the City Code. 

Applications for a home-based business or occupation can be found here and can be sent to Adam Strait, Deputy City Clerk, at 

Questions about a home-based business or occupation? Give City Hall a call at 515-279-3662.