Professional Standards

It is  essential  that  the  entire  community  have  confidence  in  the administration that supervises the exercise of police authority. This requires procedures for adequate and expedient processing of allegations of misconduct by Department employees. The Professional Standards function is designed to address these concerns and is important for the maintenance of professional conduct. Therefore, it  is  the  policy  of  the  Windsor Heights  Police  Department to thoroughly investigate formal complaints on Police Department employees.

Professional Standards Coordinator

The Chief’s Executive Officer is responsible for the administration of the Department’s professional standards functions. Currently, the Captain over Support Services acts as the Professional Standards coordinator, overseeing all internal investigations operations.


All complaints will be submitted in writing, with a signature requested. The written complaint will then go directly to the Chief of Police. All Department employees will be required to accept and forward to a supervisor any formal complaint that comes to their attention.

Outside Agencies Authorized to Investigate Police Department Actions

Iowa Civil Rights Commission
400 East 14th St, 1st Floor
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Phone 515-281-4121

Federal Bureau of Investigation
4401 Westtown Pkwy
West Des Moines, Iowa 50266
Phone 515-223-4278

Online Form for Feedback, Compliments, Concerns or Complaints

To provide feedback, compliments, concerns or file a complaint with the Windsor Heights Police Department, you can use our online form linked below.  While you are welcome to remain anonymous, please remember we have no way to contact you for more information or to discuss any potential disposition of your feedback if no contact information is listed in the form.