Susan Skeries


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Professional Work & Education

Susan has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration from the University of Phoenix. She worked for the State of Iowa Department of Corrections as a correctional officer for 10 years until she was forced into retirement due to an injury.  She grew up in a city between Buffalo, NY and Niagara Falls, NY, and graduated high school in New York before she moved to Iowa. 


Susan decided to run for City Council because, while attending council meetings, she felt like residents were not always being heard when they voiced their opinions and complaints.  She wants to be a voice for the residents and felt there needed to be more transparency and better communication between the City and the residents. 

One of her top priorities is to maintain and update the infrastructure. Susan’s goal is to ensure that the streets that are in the worst condition are repaired with more than a temporary fix. She is also prioritizing fiscal responsibility within the City and attracting new businesses to Windsor Heights. Susan would like to see the city continue to grow community events. She wants to maintain the reputation of Windsor Heights as a friendly, everyone knows everyone, small community. 

Personal Life

Susan has lived in Windsor Heights since 2007 with her husband Darren, daughter Breanna, dogs Max and Daisy, and cat Princess Cinderella. She and her husband have owned and operated Windsor Mower for just over seven years. Their daughter, Breanna, graduated from Iowa State in 2022 and resides in the area. 

Susan has been very involved in volunteering within the community. She served on the Windsor Heights Complete Streets Committee, Windsor Heights Communications Committee, and coordinated events for the Windsor Heights Firefighter's Association.  Susan also volunteered at a few local schools. She currently volunteers with the Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue (UMGDR) and Mastino Rescue. Susan has been involved in movies in the park since 2020 when it was successfully brought back as a city event. She is also a member of the Windsor Heights Chamber of Commerce.   

In her spare time, Susan enjoys bike riding, working out, reading, knitting, cross-stitching, and hanging out with friends and family. She is a lifelong Buffalo Bills fan and Yankees fan. 


Council member Susan Skeries' term expires January 2024.

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    Susan Skeries

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