Street Maintenance


The Public Works Department maintains approximately 200 miles of paved streets, over 170 acres of rights of way and drainage channels, and more than 4,000 street signs.


The Street Maintenance Division provides many services to the citizens of Windsor Heights:

  • Maintaining drainage facilities
  • Maintaining street signs, traffic signals, pavement markings, and school zones
  • Repairing and maintaining paved streets
  • Repairing sidewalks and utility cuts
  • Street sweeping
  • Provide emergency responses for flooding and snow and ice events

Requests for any of the above mentioned services are responded to in a timely manner to ensure the safety for all who travel our City's streets and sidewalks.

Reporting Concerns

You may report non-emergency street maintenance concerns using our online web form. For emergency concerns, please call 515-279-3662 during regular business hours.


Public Works fills potholes year-round, but there are some important differences in operations in summer vs winter months.
During the summer, the asphalt plants produce what is called Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA). This product has a bituminous binder incorporated into the media that sets up hard as the HMA cools down. Patches made with HMA tend to last longer because of this bituminous binder. HMA is also much more suitable for shallower potholes.
When the asphalt plants are not producing HMA, they keep a material on hand called ‘cold patch’. Cold patch can be produced in most weather. The Public Works Department utilizes cold mix asphalt from roughly November to April. Because there is no bituminous binder agent incorporated into the cold patch media, it is less durable and less suitable for some potholes. Think of cold mix asphalt as sticky gravel and HMA as a more permanent pavement. Most potholes that are filled with cold patch over the winter have to be repaired with hot patch during the summer.

If there is a pothole that you would like to report, please visit our web-based platform:

Street Lights

Street lights have a dual purpose in Windsor Heights. They help to ensure a safe street system for both motorists and pedestrians, and they help to reduce crime by lighting up the dark areas where potential criminals like to work.

MidAmerican Energy

The majority of street lights in Windsor Heights are owned and maintained by MidAmerican Energy. You may report a street light out in your neighborhood directly to MidAmerican Energy's Street Light Repair Request work order system. If this is an emergency, such as a leaning pole, broken glass or hanging fixture, please call 888-427-5632 for immediate response.

Decorative Lighting

The Windsor Heights Public Works Department maintains city owned decorative lighting along University Avenue. Please contact our office to report issues with these decorative lights via email, or call 515-645-6825.

If you are unsure who maintains the street light that is out, please contact our office and staff will forward the request to the correct entity.