Project Updates

2023 PCC Patching Project 

The Contractor will be replacing some sidewalk on 70th Street the week of June 5th. All work is weather dependent.

2023 HMA Resurfacing Project 

The Contractor will be backfilling and seeding following concrete work . All work is weather dependent.

68th Street Reconstruction Project

Phasing Map

Newsletter (4/14/23)

The Contractor will finish water main installation the week of June 5th and begin testing the water main. The Contractor will also continue storm sewer installation. All work is weather dependent

68th Street will be closed from Timmons Drive to Lincoln Avenue for Phase 1 starting May 1st.  Parts of 68th Street will be closed until October 2023. Access to driveways will be closed until street work on Phase 1 is complete (anticipated July 2023).  Parking is only permit on one side of the street, park only were permitted.  

Place garbage, recycling, and yard waste out Sunday night at the end of driveway, as normal. The Contractor will pick them up and place them at a coordinated site designated with the hauler.  They will then return the containers to your driveway once they are emptied.

Throughout the project, a courtesy cart (golf cart) will be available for residents to get to and from their property.  The Contractor will be operating the cart.  When in need of the cart, please plan accordingly and consolidate your trips.  Wait times can vary, especially on weekends and when the Contractor is not onsite.  Call the number provided in distributed door hangers.

If you have improvements such as landscaping, retaining walls, shrubs, bushes, flowers, sheds, irrigation systems, etc. in the right-of-way, it is not the contractor’s responsibility to work around them. The property owner is responsible for securing these private improvements and moving them to allow the project to be constructed. Any underground improvements, such as irrigation lines and heads, dog fences, etc., should be located and marked so they are readily visible. 

It is very common on these types of projects that area residents (especially children) become quite curious about the work the Contractor is performing. We ask that you please be respectful of and stay well clear of construction zones. Many hazards and dangers exist from heavy machinery, trenches, loose material, confined spaces, hot asphalt, etc. and often times are not recognizable by the general public. The Contractor has responsibility to ensure safety on the project and within the construction area. Any direction from the Contractor regarding safety must be heeded; likewise if you observe an unsafe condition please report it to the RPR immediately.

Public Safety Parking Lot Improvements

The Contractor will continue with placing rock and prepping for concrete work the week of June 5th. The driveway and parking lot will be closed until project is complete. All work is weather dependent.

Future Projects

For more information on proposed projects, please refer to the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). All projects listed in the CIP are proposed projects. The CIP serves as an effective guide for the efficient and effective provision of public facilities, outlining timing and financing schedules of capital and infrastructure projects for a ten-year planning period, and for the next fiscal year capital budget. The CIP neither appropriates funds nor authorizes projects. The City Council must act to initiate each project. Proceedings to initiate capital improvements are presented when sources of funding are available.