Yard Waste & Compost

Yard waste collection through the Compost It! program runs April 3-Nov. 25, 2023. Winter yard waste collection runs for two weeks, from Jan. 1-12, 2024

About Compost It!

A Compost It! cart is on wheels, just like your Curb It! recycling cart, making it a convenient alternative to yard waste bags. Simply wheel it to the curb on garbage day during Compost It! season. The 96-gallon cart can hold the equivalent of three-yard waste bags, but you can always use the bags & sticker program if your yard waste exceeds the cart’s capacity. For more information, visit the Metro Waste Authority Cart Service page.

This program is managed by Metro Waste Authority, they have contracted Waste Connections to be the hauler for yard waste pickup. That means you will see Waste Connections picking up your yard waste, but everything else related to the program goes through Metro Waste Authority.

Order Bag & Cart Stickers

  • Order Online - Visit Metro Waste Authority's website to order your first cart or renew your cart sticker each year. Residents can also order bags and stickers online. Visit www.mwatoday.com or call 515-244-0021 for the most up to date pricing. 
  • Visit a local retailer - Click here to view a list of retailers that sell yard waste bags and stickers. 
    • Windsor Heights' City Hall offers extra garbage, large item, and Compost It! (non-cart) stickers.
    • Residents can purchase the bags and stickers at several stores across the metro. They don't have to be purchased within the city of Windsor Heights.

Small twigs and branches, leaves, and lawn clippings, as well as garden vegetation, can be collected.

  • Twigs and branches: each bundle requires a green Compost it! sticker and must be smaller than four feet long by eighteen inches in diameter.
  • Leaves and lawn clippings: these should be placed at the curb in Compost It! yard waste bags, or store-brand bags with a green Compost It! sticker. No other bags can be collected.
  • Garden vegetation: if it died on the vine, it can be disposed of through the Compost It! program. However, spoiled fruits and vegetables from the fridge belong in the trash.

If you need additional help ordering your sticker, please call Metro Waste Authority at 515-244-0021.

Winter Collection

After the regular season ends in November, there will be two more chances for yard waste pickup.

  • Monday, December 26
  • Monday, January 2

Both carts and bags from 2022 can be used for Winter Collection. Wreaths and garlands won't be accepted, but Christmas trees with a sticker will be picked up.  

Missed Collection

For missed yard waste collections, please contact Metro Waste Authority at 515-244-0021 or customercare@mwatoday.com.

Returning Carts

If you are moving, you may leave your cart for the next resident. If you no longer want your cart, you have the option to use it for storage, gift it to a neighbor, or sell it as you own the cart. Metro Waste Authority will not take the cart back unless it is new. If you have additional questions, please call Metro Waste Authority at 515-244-0021.